Buying Phentermine Diet Pills Online?

Many people looking for a way to lose weight have turned to Phentermine weight loss drug as a way to help them get a jumpstart on their weight loss goals because, when taken as directed, Phentermine diet pills, along with a sensible diet and exercise program, work very well as an effective appetite suppressant and fat burner.

What those people may not know is that there is only one legal way to get Phentermine diet pills, and that is through their doctor. However, since the profound weight loss benefits of prescription Phentermine have been discovered, countless websites have sprung up offering the diet pills (and counterfeits) to anyone willing to pay the price. The people behind those websites know they’re engaging in illegal and unethical practices, but they do it anyway, leaving the uninformed consumers to pay a higher price than they imagined.

Is it Really Illegal to Buy Phentermine Online?
In a word, yes. Phentermine has been classified as a schedule 4 drug, and that means Phentermine diet pills are in the same class as Valium, Xanax, Ambien, and Halcion. When a company tries to sell Phentermine online they are essentially engaging in the practice of selling illegal drugs, and, due to its classification as a schedule 4 drug, anyone who purchases Phentermine illegally is subject to a 5-year prison sentence and a $250,000 fine.

The online companies know this, but don’t care because most of them aren’t located in the United States (even those using a United States address). They willingly take money from people knowing that, because they are offshore companies, the worst thing that will happen to them is that their websites could be shut down. In the meantime, the people who buy Phentermine online are left to potentially pay the legal price because, since all online transactions are easily traced, the consumers can be easily tracked.

Health and Safety
What those companies are doing is not only unethical and illegal, but it is also dangerous. Phentermine diet pills can be very effective at helping people lose weight, but unless a thorough physical is performed and a complete medical history is taken, there is no way to know for sure if the patient is a good candidate for a Phentermine prescription. Because of the composition of Phentermine diet pills there are many people who, if they had gone through their doctors, would have learned that because of their physical condition, a Phentermine prescription would be potentially dangerous.

Those who aren’t good candidates for Phentermine use include anyone with diabetes, hyperthyroidism, blood disorders or heart disease, high blood pressure, addiction issues, or glaucoma.
Since Phentermine use comes with some pretty dangerous side effects, there is a potential health risk associated with its use even for those who are good candidates. Some of the severe side effects associated with Phentermine use include vomiting, impotence, hallucinations, anger and violence, uncontrollable trembling, inability to properly speak, think and walk, valvular heart disease, and even primary pulmonary hypertension (potentially fatal).

Many forums that offer reviews of Phentermine mention that some users don’t get doctor’s prescription and also some don’t even qualify because of their health. Fortunately for those people there is a legal, safe and equally effective alternative to Phentermine diet pills. It is called PhenObestin, and it looks and works just like Phentermine, but without any of the side effects associated with Phentermine use.

PhenObestin is not an ineffective herbal supplement. In fact, PhenObestin doesn’t contain any herbs at all. It is comprised of only high grade GMP pharmaceuticals, and is made and sold legally in the United States. Because PhenObestin doesn’t have any damaging side effects, it can be taken as long as needed, too. The best part about PhenObestin? It works just as effectively as Phentermine, and it is conveniently and legally available online without a prescription!